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Publications of Michael Traugott (23 listed):

Journal of Pest Science (2020) 93, 235-249
Sebastián Ortiz-Martínez, Karin Staudacher, Vera Baumgartner, Michael Traugott and Blas Lavandero (2020)
Intraguild predation is independent of landscape context and does not affect the temporal dynamics of aphids in cereal fields

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2019) 21, 299-308
Jelisaveta Ckrkic, Andjeljko Petrovic, Korana Kocic, Zhengpei Ye, Ines M.G. Vollhardt, Paul D.N. Hebert, Michael Traugott and Zeljko Tomanovic (2019)
Hidden in plain sight: phylogeography of an overlooked parasitoid species Trioxys sunnysidensis Fulbright and Pike (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae)

Journal of Pest Science (2019) 92, 935-942
Britta Frei, Yasemin Guenay, David A. Bohan, Michael Traugott and Corinna Wallinger (2019)
Molecular analysis indicates high levels of carabid weed seed consumption in cereal fields across Central Europe

Journal of Pest Science (2018) 91, 927-935
Sarah Wolf, Christiane Zeisler, Daniela Sint, Jörg Romeis, Michael Traugott and Jana Collatz (2018)
A simple and cost-effective molecular method to track predation on Drosophila suzukii in the field

Journal of Pest Science (2018) 91, 985-994
Felix Briem, Christiane Zeisler, Yasemin Guenay, Karin Staudacher, Heidrun Vogt and Michael Traugott (2018)
Identifying plant DNA in the sponging–feeding insect pest Drosophila suzukii

Molecular Ecology Resources (2018) 18, 966-973
Stefaniya Kamenova, Rebecca Mayer, Oskar R. Rubbmark, Eric Coissac, Manuel Plantegenest and Michael Traugott (2018)
Comparing three types of dietary samples for prey DNA decay in an insect generalist predator

PLoS ONE (2017) 12 (5 - e0177376)
Zhengpei Ye, Ines M.G. Vollhardt, Zeljko Tomanovic and Michael Traugott (2017)
Evaluation of three molecular markers for identification of European primary parasitoids of cereal aphids and their hyperparasitoids

Journal of Pest Science (2016) 89, 281-293
Karin Staudacher, Mattias Jonsson and Michael Traugott (2016)
Diagnostic PCR assays to unravel food web interactions in cereal crops with focus on biological control of aphids

Annual Review of Entomology (2015) 60, 313-334
Michael Traugott, Carly M. Benefer, Rod P. Blackshaw, Willem G. van Herk and Robert S. Vernon (2015)
Biology, ecology, and control of elaterid beetles in agricultural land

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2015) 105, 728-735
C. Wallinger, D. Sint, F. Baier, C. Schmid, R. Mayer and M. Traugott (2015)
Detection of seed DNA in regurgitates of granivorous carabid beetles

Journal of Pest Science (2014) 87, 371-378
Priscila Gomez-Polo, Michael Traugott, Oscar Alomar, Cristina Castañé, Santos Rojo and Nuria Agustí (2014)
Identification of the most common predatory hoverflies of Mediterranean vegetable crops and their parasitism using multiplex PCR

Molecular Ecology (2014) 23, 3826-3837
Corinna Wallinger, Karin Staudacher, Nikolaus Schallhart, Evi Mitterrutzner, Eva-Maria Steiner, Anita Juen and Michael Traugott (2014)
How generalist herbivores exploit belowground plant diversity in temperate grasslands

Ecology and Evolution (2013) 3, 2634-2646
Oliver Balmer, Lukas Pfiffner, Johannes Schied, Martin Willareth, Andrea Leimgruber, Henryk Luka and Michael Traugott (2013)
Noncrop flowering plants restore top-down herbivore control in agricultural fields

Molecular Ecology Resources (2013) 13, 75-83
Corinna Wallinger, Karin Staudacher, Nikolaus Schallhart, Eva Peter, Philipp Dresch, Anita Juen and Michael Traugott (2013)
The effect of plant identity and the level of plant decay on molecular gut content analysis in a herbivorous soil insect

Journal of Pest Science (2013) 86, 33-39
Karin Staudacher, Nikolaus Schallhart, Peter Pitterl, Corinna Wallinger, Nina Brunner, Marion Landl, Bernhard Kromp, Johann Glauninger and Michael Traugott (2013)
Occurrence of Agriotes wireworms in Austrian agricultural land

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2011) 101, 201-210
K. Staudacher, P. Pitterl, L. Furlan, P.C. Cate and M. Traugott (2011)
PCR-based species identification of Agriotes larvae

Journal of Applied Ecology (2011) 48, 591-599
Bernhard Eitzinger and Michael Traugott (2011)
Which prey sustains cold-adapted invertebrate generalist predators in arable land? Examining prey choices by molecular gut-content analysis

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2009) 11, 333-339
Nikolaus Schallhart, Corinna Wallinger, Anita Juen and Michael Traugott (2009)
Dispersal abilities of adult click beetles in arable land revealed by analysis of carbon stable isotopes

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2008) 98, 263-269
K. von Berg, M. Traugott, W.O.C. Symondson and S. Scheu (2008)
The effects of temperature on detection of prey DNA in two species of carabid beetle

Journal of Applied Ecology (2008) 45, 1266-1273
James R. Bell, Michael Traugott, Keith D. Sunderland, David J. Skirvin, Andrew Mead, Lidija Kravar-Garde, Kelly Reynolds, John S. Fenlon and William O.C. Symondson (2008)
Beneficial links for the control of aphids: The effects of compost applications on predators and prey

Molecular Ecology (2008) 17, 3928-3938
M. Traugott, J.R. Bell, G.R. Broad, W. Powell, F.J.F. Van Veen, I.M.G. Vollhardt and W.O.C. Symondson (2008)
Endoparasitism in cereal aphids: molecular analysis of a whole parasitoid community

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2008) 98, 223-231
M. Traugott and W.O.C. Symondson (2008)
Molecular analysis of predation on parasitized hosts

Oecologia (2005) 142, 344-352
Anita Juen and Michael Traugott (2005)
Detecting predation and scavenging by DNA gut-content analysis: a case study using a soil insect predator-prey system