Mesocriconema xenoplax

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Mesocriconema xenoplax female - anterior part of body with stylet
Author(s): M.L. Inácio, L.C. Rusinque, M.J. Camacho and F. Nóbrega
Source: Journal of Nematology (2019) art. 35

Mesocriconema xenoplax (Raski) Loof & De Grisse, 1989

This ring nematode is a serious agricultural pest, infesting mainly the roots of fruit and nut trees. For example, it is a major factor in causing the "peach tree short life" syndrome. In California, 38% of the orchards growings Prunus have been found to contain this species. However, it can also attack many other plants. The nematode is widely distributed in many regions and a slow moving ectoparasite which can nevertheless build up high populations in certain soil types, causing significant damage.

Criconemella xenoplax
Criconemoides xenoplax
Macroposthonia xenoplax

Vernacular names
• English: peach tree short life
• Português: morte-precoce-do-pessegueiro