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Publications of Ludek Berec (3 listed):

Journal of Applied Ecology (2016) 53, 1270-1279
Ludek Berec, Daniel Maxin and Veronika Bernhauerová (2016)
Male-killing bacteria as agents of insect pest control

Biological Invasions (2015) 17, 445-459
Ludek Berec, John M. Kean, Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Andrew M. Liebhold and Robert G. Haight (2015)
Designing efficient surveys: spatial arrangement of sample points for detection of invasive species

Journal of Medical Entomology (2014) 51, 76-88
Ludek Berec, Ivan Gelbic and Oldrich Sebesta (2014)
Worthy of their name: How floods drive outbreaks of two major floodwater mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)