Journal of Phytopathology (2015) 163, 1041-1045

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Wulf Menzel, Kaveh Bananej and Stephan Winter (2015)
Molecular characterization of a Cucumber Bulgarian latent virus isolate from Iran
Journal of Phytopathology 163 (11-12), 1041-1045
Abstract: Cucumber Bulgarian latent virus (CBLV) was first reported from cucumber in Bulgaria in 2003 and has been assigned to the genus Tombusvirus. Ten years after the first and only report of CBLV, an isolate from a cucumber sample collected in Iran was characterized. Its complete genomic sequence was determined and analysed. Except for the coat protein, CBLV shows the highest sequence identities to the isolates of other species of the genus Tombusvirus. However, sequence comparison and phylogenetic analyses based on the coat protein (CP) revealed that CBLV is more closely related to the genus Aureusvirus rather than to the isolates of the genus Tombusvirus. The sequence identities to some aureusviruses are above the species demarcation threshold value, demonstrating that CBLV is an unusual tombusvirus species. This suggests that it is necessary to review the CP threshold value for species demarcation in the genus Aureusvirus. In addition, CBLV has an intermediate genome size compared to other tombus- and aureusviruses. Several polyclonal antisera raised against different tombus- and aureusviruses were used to assess the serological relation to CBLV. The ELISA results indicate that CBLV is not serologically related to any of those tested.
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