Journal of Pest Science (2009) 82, 109-114

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Mahmut Dogramaci and Ward M. Tingey (2009)
Host resistance and influence of tuber surface on larval performance of potato tuberworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)
Journal of Pest Science 82 (2), 109-114
Abstract: Potato tuberworm (PTW), Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), is one of the most important pests of potatoes in tropic and subtropic regions. Previous studies suggested that tuber periderm may limit larval penetration and establishment of PTW. Short term influence of parental host plant acclimatization, influence of tuber dormancy and influence of tuber periderm (the outer cork layer of tubers) on aspects of PTW biology were investigated on tubers of a susceptible commercial potato cultivar, cv. Allegany (Solanum tuberosum L.), and a resistant hybrid potato clone, Q174-2 (S. tuberosum × S. berthaultii Hawkes). Short-term parental host plant acclimatization did not affect numbers of PTW larvae on resistant and susceptible tubers. Numbers of larvae produced on tubers of Q174-2, and Allegany, were similar although larval weight was less on Q174-2 than on Allegany. Larval production increased with tuber age on both susceptible and resistant potato clones, suggesting that bud sprouts may enhance fitness by providing food and shelter for first instars prior to tuber entry. Removal of tuber periderm led to a significant increase in larval survival on Allegany and Q174-2, although proportional survival on Allegany and Q174-2 was similar to that on intact tubers, suggesting the involvement of internal rather than external periderm factors in tuber resistance of Q174-2. Weights of larvae reared on Q174-2 were consistently less than those of larvae reared on susceptible potato tubers in both intact and peeled tuber assays. Although the expression of periderm-mediated tuber resistance declines with tuber age, such resistance could significantly reduce preharvest field infestations by PTW and constitute an important component of sustainable PTW management, particularly for fresh market crops and for those potato crops stored for several months or less in the absence of refrigeration.
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