Journal of Pest Science (2008) 81, 175-178

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Lawrence R. Kirkendall, Marialuisa Dal Cortivo and Enzo Gatti (2008)
First record of the ambrosia beetle, Monarthrum mali (Curculionidae, Scolytinae) in Europe
Journal of Pest Science 81 (3), 175-178
Abstract: During research conducted in northern Italy for the State Forestry Service LIFE Nature project, a single male specimen of the scolytine ambrosia beetle Monarthrum mali (Fitch) was collected in an ethanol-baited window flight trap. Trapping started in 2005, but the species was first collected in August 2007, suggesting that the establishment of M. mali in northern Italy is very recent. Monarthrum mali represents the second North American ambrosia beetle to be introduced to Europe, and joins Phloeotribus limnaris and Xylosandrus crassiusculus as recent scolytine introductions to Europe via Italy that pose potential threats to Europe's nurseries, orchards and plantations.
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