Journal of Medical Entomology (1994) 31, 920-922

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Scott A. Ritchie (1994)
Spatial stability of Aedes vigilax (Diptera: Culicidae) eggshells in southeastern Queensland salt marshes
Journal of Medical Entomology 31 (6), 920-922
Abstract: Sampling was done to examine whether eggshells of the saltmarsh mosquito, Aedes vigilax (Skuse), remained near the oviposition site or were dispersed by tidal flow. Few eggshells were found in the water column during tidal floodings or accumulated in the basins of small ponds when compared with pond banks, which is the oviposition site of A. vigilax. These data indicated that relatively few eggshells were flushed by rain or tides and that eggshell sampling can be used to pinpoint oviposition sites and, potentially, to focus larval control efforts within a salt marsh.
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