Journal of General Plant Pathology (2008) 74, 264-266

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Keisuke Tomioka, Yuuri Hirooka, Takayuki Aoki and Toyozo Sato (2008)
Fusarium rot of hyacinth caused by Gibberella zeae (anamorph: Fusarium graminearum)
Journal of General Plant Pathology 74 (3), 264-266
Abstract: Severe rot of leaves, peduncles and flowers caused by Gibberella zeae (anamorph: Fusarium graminearum) was found on potted plants of hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis), a liliaceous ornamental, in greenhouses in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, in January 2001. This disease was named 'Fusarium rot of hyacinth' as a new disease because only the anamorph, F. graminearum, was identified on the diseased host plant.
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Fusarium graminearum Hyacinthus (crop) Japan