Journal of Economic Entomology (2017) 110, 1603-1610

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Marc Clement Bouwer, Bernard Slippers, Michael John Wingfield, Jeremy Dean Allison and Egmont Richard Rohwer (2017)
Optimization of pheromone traps for Coryphodema tristis (Lepidoptera: Cossidae)
Journal of Economic Entomology 110 (4), 1603-1610
Abstract: The Coryphodema tristis (Drury) is an important pest of Eucalyptus nitens (Deane and Maiden) plantations in South Africa. The gregarious larvae of this pest cause damage by feeding on the tree sapwood, and adults emerge in spring each year. The aim of this study was to optimize pheromone traps for operational use in management programs. This was achieved by investigating different pheromone blend combinations and trap types for efficacy under field conditions. Our results confirm that the cross vane bucket funnel trap baited with a 95:2.5:2.5 volumetric blend of Z9-14:OAc, Z9-14:OH, and 14Ac was superior to similarly baited standard bucket funnel and delta traps. We also estimated the release rate and ratios of the pheromone compounds loaded into an artificial permeation dispenser through solid-phase microextraction sampling. Results showed that the released blend of pheromone compounds mirrored the dispensed ratios relatively accurately and that release rates are affected by temperature.
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Coryphodema tristis Eucalypt (Eucalyptus) South Africa