Journal of Applied Entomology (2005) 129, 386-392

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H. Larsson (2005)
Economic damage by Limothrips denticornis in rye, triticale and winter barley
Journal of Applied Entomology 129 (7), 386-392
Abstract: Limothrips denticornis is a common thrips infesting rye, triticale and winter barley in Sweden. Field experiments with insecticides were carried out 1983-1996 in farmers' fields to investigate the damage to the plant and to evaluate the relationship between thrips density and crop yield losses. The total number of experiments was 99 in rye, 41 in triticale and nine in winter barley. The mean number of thrips per leaf sheath was around 8 in all three crops. The highest number found was 27 thrips per leaf sheath. The population density in the leaf sheath was correlated with the damage observed on the leaf sheath as percentage damaged surface. The effect on the leaf sheath alone contributed to a significant proportion of the yield loss. Thrips in the ear and aphids also contributed to the damage but with multiple regression methods it was possible to estimate the damage done solely by L. denticornis. The yield loss caused by L. denticornis was about the same in all three crops, with a variation between 21 and 26 kg per thrips per leaf sheath and hectare. Compared with the yield loss for aphids, which is about 40 kg per aphid per tiller and hectare, this is considerably lower. The economic injury level was found to be about 14 thrips per straw. The economic threshold for L. denticornis has to be decided when the females are flying into the crop and it was found to be 0.5 females per straw at earing. Economic damage by L. denticornis alone was estimated to be 20% of the total number of experiments for all three crops but economic damage for the three pests together was estimated at 40% of the total number of experiments.
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Limothrips denticornis Barley (Hordeum vulgare) Sweden
Limothrips denticornis Rye (Secale cereale) Sweden
Limothrips denticornis Triticale (xTriticosecale rimpaui) Sweden