Journal of Applied Entomology (2004) 128, 633-638

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J.A. Pajares, F. Ibeas, J.J. Díez and D. Gallego (2004)
Attractive responses by Monochamus galloprovincialis (Col., Cerambycidae) to host and bark beetle semiochemicals
Journal of Applied Entomology 128 (9-10), 633-638
Abstract: The pine sawyer Monochamus galloprovincialis is the European vector of the recently introduced pine wood nematode. This nematode is the causal organism of pine wilt disease, a serious tree killer in East Asia. Efficacious baits and traps to monitor and control this beetle are now required. The effect of bark beetle (Ips spp.) pheromone components, released individually (ipsenol) or in blends (ipsenol, ipsdienol, cis-verbenol and methyl-butenol), together with host volatiles (turpentine or alpha- pinene and ethanol) on M. galloprovincialis trap catches has been studied in Spain. A kairomonal response by male and female of M. galloprovincialis to Ips semiochemicals was found. Beetles were more attracted to host blends supplemented with bark beetle pheromones than to host volatiles alone. Ipsenol alone was attractive to pine sawyers, and was synergistic with alpha- pinene and ethanol. The full blend of the four Ips semiochemicals and the host compounds was highly attractive. Multiple-funnel traps were as effective as black cross-vane traps in capturing this insect when the escape of trapped beetles was prevented. Trapping of non-target bark beetle predators was also evaluated. The trogossitid Temnochila coerulea and clerid Thanasimus formicarius were kairomonally attracted to and killed in traps baited with bark beetle pheromones. These results suggest that effective monitoring of M. galloprovincialis would be possible by baiting any of these traps with host volatiles and Ips semiochemicals, but reduction of the lure components and trap modification to minimize impact on predators should be considered.
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