Insects (2020) 11 (9 - 620)

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Giuseppe Mazza, Luca Nerva, Agostino Strangi, Emiliano Mori, Walter Chitarra, Attilio Carapezza, Maurizio Mei, Leonardo Marianelli, Pio F. Roversi, Alessandro Campanaro and Fabio Cianferoni (2020)
Scent of jasmine attracts alien invaders and records on citizen science platforms: Multiple introductions of the invasive lacebug Corythauma ayyari (Drake, 1933) (Heteroptera: Tingidae) in Italy and the Mediterranean Basin
Insects 11 (9 - 620)
Abstract: The jasmine lacebug Corythauma ayyari is a pest of cultivated and ornamental plants mainly associated to Jasminum spp. This invasive insect is native to Asia, and it has been recently introduced in several countries, mainly within the Mediterranean basin. Here, we updated the known distribution of this species, including five new Italian regions (Liguria, Tuscany, Latium, Apulia, and Calabria); Salamis Island in Greece, and the Occitanie region in France. Citizen-science data have significantly contributed to the knowledge on species distribution, and the online platform for sharing biodiversity information can represent an effective tool for the early detection. Molecular analyses revealed that the specimens collected in Peninsular Italy and Sicily belong to a unique clade, suggesting the possibility of a single introduction, whereas those from Menton (France) and Calabria (Southern Italy) are separated from the others and probably originate from separated introductions.
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