Incisitermes minor

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Incisitermes minor soldier (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Simon Hinkley & Ken Walker, Museum Victoria
Source: PaDIL

Incisitermes minor (Hagen, 1858) - (western drywood termite)

The termite is native to the western parts of North America. It has been introduced into several other regions (e.g. eastern Asia, Hawaii and Florida) and is an important pest of wooden structures. It does not need contact with the ground and can infest wood products as well as dead trees. Colonies grow slowly and it might take 5-10 years before visible damage in the wood appears. At that age a colony might contain several thousand insects.

Vernacular names
• English: western drywood termite
• Español: termita de madera seca del oeste

The casts include queen, king, soldiers and pseudergates. The latter collect food for the colony and can develop into soldiers or alates. Soldiers are about 10 mm long and have a large 3rd antennal segment. Alates are 10-12 mm long and are weak fliers, travelling only 100 m or so. Management usually involves drastic measures like fumigation.