Hypsipyla (genus)

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Hypsipyla larva
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Hypsipyla Ragonot, 1888

This genus contains around 10 species of shoot borer moths which attack mahogany and related tree species (Meliaceae, e.g. Toona, Khaya, Swietenia). They live in tropical parts of America, Asia, Australia and Africa. The shoots die as a result of the attack and the affected trees become stunted and deformed. Young seedlings often die. The most important species are Hypsipyla grandella in America and H. robusta in Asia, Africa and Australia.

The adults are brown to greyish brown with a wingspan from around 25 to 45 mm. The larvae are bluish grey with dark spots and reach a length of about 25 mm.

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: