Hesperomyces virescens (entomopathogen)

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Hesperomyces virescens (?) parasitizing Harmonia axyridis (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Gilles San Martin
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hesperomyces virescens (entomopathogen) Thaxter (1891)

The fungus is an ectoparasite of beetles of the family Coccinellidae, e.g. Harmonia axyridis. It has been recorded from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The fungus grows only externally on different parts of the body of the beetles like the elytra, the abdomen or the legs. It does not penetrate living tissue.

Like other Laboulbeniales, only sexual reproduction is known for the fungus. The ascospores do not spread by wind, but they are sticky and are transmitted from beetle to beetle through contact, e.g. during mating (Cottrell & Riddick, 2012).