Gert J. Marais

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Publications of Gert J. Marais (2 listed):

African Entomology (2018) 26, 174-188
M. Vermeulen, S. vdM. Louw, G.J. Marais, W.J. Weeks, W.J. Swart and M. Gryzenhout (2018)
Fungi associated with disease and weevil damage of Amaranthus cruentus in South Africa

Persoonia (2014) 33, 155-168
B. Slippers, J. Roux, M.J. Wingfield, F.J.J. van der Walt, F. Jami, J.W.M. Mehl and G.J. Marais (2014)
Confronting the constraints of morphological taxonomy in the Botryosphaeriales