Forest Pathology (2007) 37, 251-262

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O. Santamaría, M.A. González, J.A. Pajares and J.J. Diez (2007)
Effect of fungicides, endophytes and fungal filtrates on in vitro growth of Spanish isolates of Gremmeniella abietina
Forest Pathology 37 (4), 251-262
Abstract: The effect of eight fungicides and 15 endophytes isolated from twigs of healthy Pinus halepensis trees on the growth rate of four Spanish isolates of the pathogen Gremmeniella abietina was evaluated in vitro. In the fungicide experiments, four doses of each fungicide tested were added to the growth medium. In the endophyte experiments, dual cultures endophyte-pathogen were paired in Petri dishes. Furthermore, growth of three G. abietina isolates was evaluated on malt agar with pine needle extract amended with filtrates from cultures of endophyte E14, which produced a brownish compound apparently inhibiting G. abietina growth. The results obtained suggested that chlorothalonil and daconil were the most suitable fungicides at low doses to reduce growth of G. abietina isolates from Spain. Four of the endophytes tested in vitro showed strong antagonistic activity against G. abietina and deserve further testing in vivo. The endophyte E14 produced in vitro a brownish compound which almost completely inhibited mycelial growth of G. abietina isolates from Spain.
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