Florida Entomologist (2016) 99, 463-470

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Thomas Skarlinsky and Joe Funderburk (2016)
A key to some Frankliniella (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) larvae found in Florida with descriptions of the first instar of select species
Florida Entomologist 99 (3), 463-470
Abstract: Few publications exist toward the identification of larval thrips. As a result, researchers and practitioners often are unable to report larval species data or may misinterpret what is a host plant when adults of multiple species are collected. Therefore, we conducted repetitive plant sampling and detailed examination of larvae with adults, which revealed morphological differences of some undescribed Frankliniella (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) larvae. The morphological differences were confirmed by non-destructive DNA extraction, PCR, and sequencing of the COI mitochondrial gene. A larva II morphological key to 7 Frankliniella species found in Florida is presented with new larval descriptions of 4 species.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Frankliniella occidentalis U.S.A. (SE)
Frankliniella kelliae U.S.A. (SE)
Frankliniella schultzei U.S.A. (SE)
Frankliniella bispinosa U.S.A. (SE)
Frankliniella fusca U.S.A. (SE)
Frankliniella insularis U.S.A. (SE)