Florida Entomologist (2011) 94, 180-185

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Nancy D. Epsky, Paul E. Kendra, Jorge Peña and Robert R. Heath (2011)
Comparison of synthetic food-based lures and liquid protein baits for capture of Anastrepha suspensa (Diptera: Tephritidae) adults
Florida Entomologist 94 (2), 180-185
Abstract: Field tests were conducted in south Florida to compare capture of the Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa (Loew), in Multilure traps baited with either of the liquid protein baits torula yeast/borax or Nulure/borax, or with food-based synthetic lures including two-component Biolure (ammonium acetate, putrescine) and three-component Biolure (ammonium acetate, putrescine, trimethylamine). The highest relative proportion of females captured was in traps baited with the two-component Biolure (44-61%), intermediate capture was in traps baited with the three-component Biolure (14-24%) or torula yeast/borax (8-25%), and the lowest capture tended to be in traps baited with Nulure/borax (0-19%). Similar results were obtained for capture of males. Tests of the unipak two-component Biolure, which has a reduced ammonium acetate release rate and is a single package with both ammonium acetate and putrescine sections, captured similar numbers of both females and males as Biolure formulated in 2 individual packages. Traps baited with unipak Biolure combined with the addition of a trimethylamine lure captured fewer females than the unipak alone, but this was greater than capture in traps baited with torula yeast/borax. Our studies confirmed that the best lure for A. suspensa is ammonium acetate and putrescine. However, C. capitata-targeted traps baited with three-component Biolure should be as effective for A. suspensa detection and monitoring as traps baited with torula yeast/borax. The unipak two-component Biolure will provide the improved handling that has been requested by users.
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