Florida Entomologist (2008) 91, 75-78

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David A. Jenkins, David Shapiro-Ilan and Ricardo Goenaga (2008)
Efficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes versus Diaprepes abbreviatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) larvae in a high clay-content oxisol soil: Greenhouse trials with potted Litchi chinensis
Florida Entomologist 91 (1), 75-78
Abstract: In a previous study, laboratory trials indicated that 9 strains and species of entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) were pathogenic against larvae of Diaprepes abbreviatus in an Oxisol from Puerto Rico. In this study we tested the efficacy of 5 species/strains of EPN in an Oxisol under greenhouse conditions. The nematodes were applied at 100 infective juveniles per cm2 to 19-L pots containing a high clay-content Oxisol (69% clay) and 3 seedlings of Litchi chinensis. All treatments significantly reduced the mean proportion of D. abbreviatus larvae surviving (ranging from 0 to 36%) compared to survival in untreated controls (ranging from 80 to 86%). This suggests that EPNs might be suitable to play a role in integrated pest management strategies against D. abbreviatus in tropical soils with high clay content.
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biocontrol - natural enemies
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evaluation - screening - selection

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Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.

Diaprepes abbreviatus Lychee/litchi (Litchi chinensis) Puerto Rico
Heterorhabditis megidis/Photorhabdus temperata (entomopathogen) Diaprepes abbreviatus Lychee/litchi (Litchi chinensis) Puerto Rico
Steinernema riobrave/Xenorhabdus cabanillasii (entomopathogen) Diaprepes abbreviatus Lychee/litchi (Litchi chinensis) Puerto Rico
Steinernema diaprepesi (entomopathogen) Diaprepes abbreviatus Lychee/litchi (Litchi chinensis) Puerto Rico