Florida Entomologist (1994) 77, 330-334

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Fernando E. Vega, Robert E. Davis, Ellen L. Dally, Pedro Barbosa, Alexander H. Purcell and Ing-Ming Lee (1994)
Use of a biotinylated DNA probe for detection of the aster yellows mycoplasmalike organism in Dalbulus maidis and Macrosteles fascifrons (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)
Florida Entomologist 77 (3), 330-334
Abstract: A DNA probe was used to detect aster yellows mycoplasmalike organism acquisition by the corn leafhopper, Dalbulus maidis (DeLong and Wolcott), an insect that does not transmit aster yellows mycoplasmalike organism, as well as by Macrosteles fascifrons (Stål), a vector insect. Results show the effectiveness of the probe for pathogen detection in both the non-vector and the vector insect.
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