Fitopatologia Brasileira (2006) 31, 468-475

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Eraclides M. Ferreira, Acelino C. Alfenas, Luiz A. Maffia and Reginaldo G. Mafia (2006)
Eficiência de fungicidas sistêmicos para o controle de Cylindrocladium candelabrum em eucalipto
[Efficiency of systemic fungicides for control of Cylindrocladium candelabrum in eucalypt]
Fitopatologia Brasileira 31 (5), 468-475
Abstract: Several Cylindrocladium species may cause diseases in eucalyptus mini-cuttings. Although the use of fungicides is sometimes indicated, there are few studies evaluating fungicides in eucalyptus nurseries. Therefore, systemic fungicides were used against C. candelabrum to evaluate their protective, curative, and antisporulating effects, as well as their translocation and persistence in eucalyptus plants. Under in vitro conditions, azoxystrobin (AZO), triadimenol (TRI), boscalid (BOS), pyraclostrobin (PYR), carbendazim (CAR), tetraconazol (TET), tebuconazol (TEB), epoxiconazol +pyraclostrobin (EPO-PYR) and epoxiconazol (EPO), were used in the following concentrations: 0,1, 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 1000 µg a.i/mL. For the in vivo experiment, a clone (Eucalyptus grandis x E. urophylla) susceptible to C. candelabrum was used. The fungicides were sprayed on both leaf sides (except for the translaminar activity evaluation), the plants were allowed to dry out for 24 h, and inoculated with a 105 conidia/mL suspension. Protective effect of AZO (0.2; 0.25; 0.4; 0.65 and 0.8 g/L), EPO (0.75; 1.125; 1.5; 1.875 and 2.25 mL/L), EPO-PYR (1.25; 1.875; 2.5; 3.125 and 3.75 mL/L), PYR (0.75; 1.125; 1.5; 1.875 and 2.25 mL/L) and TEB (0.75; 1.125; 1.5; 1.875 and 2.25 mL/L), was evaluated at different concentrations. In subsequent experiments, the following fungicides (concentrations) were used: AZO (0.4 g/L), EPO (1.5 mL/L), EPO-PYR (2.5 mL/L) and TEB (1.5 mL/L). The fungicides EPO, EPO-PYR and TEB promoted protective, curative, and antisporuling effects, as well as translaminar translocation and persistence in the leaves.
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(original language: Portuguese)
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