Fitopatologia Brasileira (2003) 28, 674-677

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Maria D.D. Silva, Acelino C. Alfenas, Luiz A. Maffia and Edival A.V. Zauza (2003)
Germinação de conídios de Sphaerotheca pannosa obtidos de eucalipto
[Conidial germination of Sphaerotheca pannosa collected from eucalyptus]
Fitopatologia Brasileira 28 (6), 674-677
Abstract: The conidial germination of Sphaerotheca pannosa was studied in different supporting media, under different levels of relative humidity (RH), photoperiod and temperature. At 24 h of incubation, conidial germination was assessed on water agar, glass slides and leaves of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citriodora) kept in a moisture chamber. Conidial germination did not occur on slides or Petri dishes in the presence of free water. Optimum conidial germination was found at 20 and 25 ºC, 100% RH and with 12 h of initial light exposure.
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(original language: Portuguese)
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Podosphaera pannosa Eucalypt (Eucalyptus)