Euscepes postfasciatus

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Euscepes postfasciatus (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Juliana Cardona-Duque, University of Puerto Rico
Source: IPM Images

Euscepes postfasciatus (Fairmaire) - (West Indian sweet potato weevil)

This weevil is native in Central and/or South America, but has invaded various other regions and is now found in parts of Asia, the Pacific, and Africa. In some countries, it has become a very important pest of sweet potatoes. For example, attempts are under way in Japan to erradicate the weevil using the sterile insect techniques.

Infestations of sweet potatoes generate toxic substances which give the tubers a bitter taste, even after minor attacks. This makes the tubers unusable for any purpose.

Vernacular names
• English: West Indian sweet potato weevil
small sweet potato weevil
• Español: picudo de camote de las Antillas Occidentales
• Français: charançon de la patate douce
• Português: broca-do-tubérculo-da-batata-doce

Euscepes batatae