European Journal of Plant Pathology (2002) 108, 909-912

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Ntsane Moleleki, Oliver Preisig, Michael John Wingfield, Pedro Willem Crous and Brenda Diana Wingfield (2002)
PCR–RFLP and sequence data delineate three Diaporthe species associated with stone and pome fruit trees in South Africa
European Journal of Plant Pathology 108 (9), 909-912
Abstract: Diaporthe species include canker pathogens on a wide variety of hosts. In South Africa, Diaporthe canker of apple, pear and plum rootstocks has been attributed to Diaporthe ambigua. Recently, we recognized that isolates of D. ambigua exhibited different morphological features and thus questioned the identity of these isolates. A small set of isolates was thus chosen for comparison using DNA-based methods. Polymerase chain reaction amplification of ribosomal DNA, Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms and DNA sequencing revealed that isolates which had been regarded as D. ambigua in the past were three distinct species. These are D. ambigua, D. perjuncta and an unknown Phomopsis sp. This discovery has special relevance to research done on a dsRNA virus previously thought to occur in D. ambigua and now shown to infect D. perjuncta.
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