European Journal of Entomology (1997) 94, 473-484

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J. Fazekas, F. Kadar, M. Sarospataki and G.L. Lövei (1997)
Seasonal activity, age structure and egg production of the ground beetle Anisodactylus signatus (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Hungary
European Journal of Entomology 94 (4), 473-484
Abstract: The seasonal activity, age structure and reproduction of the ground beetle Anisodactylus signatus were studied in central and eastern Hungary. A. signatus is a species with summer as well as winter larvae. Beetles showed two seasonal activity peaks: during mid-June, only ' 'old' ' (overwintered) individuals were caught and this activity coincided with peak egg production; another activity peak occurred in mid-July, when more than 86% of the collected Individuals were ' 'young' '. The activity period of old beetles was shorter in the eastern population. Egg numbers in the ovaries were low (2-10 eggs/gravid female). No eggs were found in young adults, which suggests that females do not reproduce during their first adult year; in the subsequent season, they lay an estimated total of 15.6 eggs. Adults can live longer than one year.
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Anisodactylus signatus (predator) Hungary