Entomological Review (2006) 86, 125-132

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S.Ya. Reznik and N.P. Vaghina (2006)
Dynamics of fat content during induction and termination of 'trophic diapause' in Harmonia sedecimnotata Fabr. females (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae)
Entomological Review 86 (2), 125-132
Abstract: Experimental studies have demonstrated that onset, termination, and resumption of oviposition, same as corresponding changes in germarium size, are closely correlated with the dynamics of fat reserves. Even short-term (10 days long) termination of oviposition caused by the absence of aphid preys with the availability of carbohydrate food is accompanied by significant increase in absolute (weight) and relative (the percentage of total dry weight) fat content. This confirms the correctness of considering the studied phenomenon as a 'real' reproductive diapause but not as a 'short-term interruption of oviposition'. In combination with earlier published data, the results of the study once again suggest that division of insect adaptations to environmental changes into 'short-term' and 'long-term' adaptations based, correspondingly, on 'neural' and 'neurohormonal' mechanisms is rather conventional. In reality, a gradient or a spectrum of reactions is observed.
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