Entomologia Sinica (1995) 2, 83-94

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Guofa Zhou and Andrew M. Liebhold (1995)
Forecasting gypsy moth defoliation with a geographical information system
Entomologia Sinica 2 (1), 83-94
Abstract: In this study, we developed a series of logistic regression models for forecasting gypsy moth defoliation. The models were parameterized by using data collected over a small scaled 100m× 100m gridarea; the independent variables included egg mass density, male moth trap, previous year defoliation, and distance to the nearest cell which was defoliated in the previous year. We simulated the decision-making by using these models; this method essentially simulated the application of current gypsy moth management decision-making. The results indicated that these models can be more reliably applied to actual management decision.
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