Ecotoxicology (2016) 25, 1841-1848

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Xuewei Chen, Kangsheng Ma, Fen Li, Pingzhuo Liang, Ying Liu, Tianfeng Guo, Dunlun Song, Nicolas Desneux and Xiwu Gao (2016)
Sublethal and transgenerational effects of sulfoxaflor on the biological traits of the cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover (Hemiptera: Aphididae)
Ecotoxicology 25 (10), 1841-1848
Abstract: Sulfoxaflor is a novel insecticide belonging to sulfoximine chemical class that can be used to control sap-feeding insects, notably Aphis gossypii Glover. In addition to its acute toxicity, it is also important to consider the possible sublethal effects when establishing a comprehensive understanding of the toxicity of a new insecticide. We assessed the effects of a low lethal concentration (LC25) of sulfoxaflor on biological parameters of A. gossypii adults (F0) and subsequent transgenerational effects, i.e., on the progeny (F1 generation). The data were analyzed using an age-stage life table procedure. The results showed that the longevity and fecundity were not significantly affected by the LC25 of sulfoxaflor in the F0 or F1 generations. In addition, no significant differences were observed on the developmental time of each instar, the adult pre-oviposition period, and on the longevity of F1 individuals. However, the duration of their pre-adult stage and total pre-oviposition period, as well as their mean generation time were significantly increased. These observed effects affected aphid demographic traits; the survival rate, the intrinsic rate of increase (ri), the finite rate of increase (λ), the net reproductive rate (R0), and the gross reproduction rate (GRR) of the F1 individuals (i.e., from F0 mothers) were significantly lower compared to the control. Our results showed that sublethal effects of sulfoxaflor significantly slowed down A. gossypii population growth; they indicated that effects of sulfoxaflor might be increased (beyond lethal effect) through sublethal effects when concentrations decreased in sulfoxaflor-treated areas after initial application in field.
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