Deltabaculovirus (genus - entomopathogens)

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Authors: Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Source: ViralZone

Deltabaculovirus (entomopathogens)

This genus includes dipteran-specific nucleopolyhedroviruses (Jehle et al. 2006). It currently contains only the type species, the Culex nigripalpus NPV which infects the midgut epithelium of Culex larvae. Adults are rarely infected. The globular inclusion bodies (protein crystals) enclose several virus particles and measure around 0.4 µm in diameter. The protein of the inclusion body is different from that of the NPVs from Lepidoptera or Hymenoptera. The genome is about 80 kbp in size, encoding about 100 proteins.

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: