Curculio nucum

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Curculio nucum (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Mathias Krumbholz
source:Wikimedia Commons

Curculio nucum Linnaeus - (hazelnut weevil)

The weevil attacks hazelnuts in southern and central Europe as well as in neighbouring regions. Up to 80% yield losses have been reported. The female lays eggs into the developing hazelnut fruits in April, typically one per fruit. The mature larvae emerge from the nuts in August and drop to the ground for overwintering. The larvae may stay in the soil for more than one year and pupate in the spring.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Nussrüssler
• English: nut weevil
hazelnut weevil
• Español: balanino del avellano
gorgojo del avellano
• Français: charançon des noisettes
balanin des noisettes

The adult is 6-8 mm long, covered with greyish red to greyish brown scales. The rostrum is curved and as long as the body in females. The scutellum is heart-shaped and whitish.

Balaninus nucum

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