Colletotrichum truncatum (weed pathogen)

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effect of Colletotrichum truncatum on Sesbania herbacea as compared with a herbicide treatment after 80 hours post application (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Robert E. Hoagland, C. Douglas Boyette, Robin H. Jordan and Kenneth C. Stetina
Source: American Journal of Plant Sciences (2018), 9, p. 2327

Colletotrichum truncatum (Schwein. 1832) Andrus & W.D. Moore 1935

The fungus is a pathogen pathogen of crops, especially legumes (see Colletotrichum truncatum crop pathogens). A strain is used as a biological control agent against North American hemp sesbania (Sesbania herbacea) and is also used against scentless chamomile.