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Publications of Christer Björkman (28 listed):

Population Ecology (2020) 62, 372-384
Andrew M. Liebhold, Christer Björkman, Alain Roques, Ottar N. Bjørnstad and Maartje J. Klapwijk (2020)
Outbreaking forest insect drives phase synchrony among sympatric folivores: Exploring potential mechanisms

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research (2018) 33, 772-780
Maartje J. Klapwijk and Christer Björkman (2018)
Mixed forests to mitigate risk of insect outbreaks

Journal of Applied Ecology (2017) 54, 1658-1668
Simon Kärvemo, Christer Björkman, Therese Johansson, Jan Weslien and Joakim Hjältén (2017)
Forest restoration as a double-edged sword: the conflict between biodiversity conservation and pest control

Ecology and Evolution (2017) 7, 2327-2339
Jörg G. Stephan, Johan A. Stenberg and Christer Björkman (2017)
Consumptive and nonconsumptive effect ratios depend on interaction between plant quality and hunting behavior of omnivorous predators

Ecology and Evolution (2017) 7, 11011-11020
Davide Bellone, Maartje J. Klapwijk and Christer Björkman (2017)
Habitat heterogeneity affects predation of European pine sawfly cocoons

Ecology and Evolution (2016) 6, 1154-1162
Kim K. Moritz, Christer Björkman, Amy L. Parachnowitsch and Johan A. Stenberg (2016)
Female Salix viminalis are more severely infected by Melampsora spp. but neither sex experiences associational effects

Journal of Applied Ecology (2016) 53, 1823-1830
Anna-Sara Liman, Karin Eklund and Christer Björkman (2016)
Predator refuges for conservation biological control in an intermediately disturbed system: the rise and fall of a simple solution

Arthropod-Plant Interactions (2015) 9, 567-575
Adriana Puentes, Mikaela Torp, Martin Weih and Christer Björkman (2015)
Direct effects of elevated temperature on a tri-trophic system: Salix, leaf beetles and predatory bugs

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2014) 16, 417-425
Nadine Austel, Christer Björkman, Monika Hilker and Torsten Meiners (2014)
Phenotypic plasticity in host plant preference of the willow leaf beetle Phratora vulgatissima: the impact of experience made by adults

Oecologia (2014) 176, 975-983
Ida Kollberg, Helena Bylund, Otso Huitu and Christer Björkman (2014)
Regulation of forest defoliating insects through small mammal predation: reconsidering the mechanisms

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2013) 39, 516-524
Mikaela Torp, Anna Lehrman, Johan A. Stenberg, Riitta Julkunen-Tiitto and Christer Björkman (2013)
Performance of an herbivorous leaf beetle (Phratora vulgatissima) on Salix F2 hybrids: the importance of phenolics

Ecological Entomology (2013) 38, 201-208
Ida Kollberg, Helena Bylund, Axel Schmidt, Jonathan Gershenzon and Christer Björkman (2013)
Multiple effects of temperature, photoperiod and food quality on the performance of a pine sawfly

Ecology and Evolution (2013) 3, 4183-4196
Maartje J. Klapwijk, György Csóka, Anikó Hirka and Christer Björkman (2013)
Forest insects and climate change: long-term trends in herbivore damage

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2012) 144, 93-100
Anna Lehrman, Mikaela Torp, Johan A. Stenberg, Riitta Julkunen-Tiitto and Christer Björkman (2012)
Estimating direct resistance in willows against a major insect pest, Phratora vulgatissima, by comparing life history traits

Environmental Entomology (2011) 40, 333-341
Freddy Miranda, Helena Bylund, Lina Grönberg, Linda Larsson and Christer Björkman (2011)
Population density and killing capacity by predators of eggs and larvae of the diamondback moth in Nicaragua

Journal of Economic Entomology (2011) 104, 782-791
Riccardo Bommarco, Freddy Miranda, Helena Bylund and Christer Björkman (2011)
Insecticides suppress natural enemies and increase pest damage in cabbage

Ecological Entomology (2011) 36, 442-449
Johan A. Stenberg, Anna Lehrman and Christer Björkman (2011)
Host-plant genotype mediates supply and demand of animal food in an omnivorous insect

PLoS ONE (2009) 4 (5 - e5487)
Peter Dalin, Oskar Kindvall and Christer Björkman (2009)
Reduced population control of an insect pest in managed willow monocultures

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2007) 125, 157-164
Patricia C. Fernandez, Torsten Meiners, Christer Björkman and Monika Hilker (2007)
Electrophysiological responses of the blue willow leaf beetle, Phratora vulgatissima, to volatiles of different Salix viminalis genotypes

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2006) 8, 97-101
Christer Björkman and Karin Eklund (2006)
Factors affecting willow leaf beetles (Phratora vulgatissima) when selecting overwintering sites

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2005) 115, 179-186
Christer Björkman and Karin Ahrné (2005)
Influence of leaf trichome density on the efficiency of two polyphagous insect predators

Ecological Entomology (2005) 30, 164-169
Christer Björkman and Anna-Sara Liman (2005)
Foraging behaviour influences the outcome of predator - predator interactions

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2004) 6, 105-109
Peter Dalin, Christer Björkman and Karin Eklund (2004)
Leaf beetle grazing does not induce willow trichome defence in the coppicing willow Salix viminalis

Oecologia (2003) 134, 112-118
Peter Dalin and Christer Björkman (2003)
Adult beetle grazing induces willow trichome defence against subsequent larval feeding

Journal of Insect Behavior (2003) 16, 747-764
Christer Björkman, Peter Dalin and Karin Eklund (2003)
Generalist natural enemies of a willow leaf beetle (Phratora vulgatissima): Abundance and feeding habits

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2000) 2, 131-139
Christer Björkman, Solveig Höglund, Karin Eklund and Stig Larsson (2000)
Effects of leaf beetle damage on stem wood production in coppicing willow

Oikos (2000) 89, 440-450
Stig Larsson, Barbara Ekbom and Christer Björkman (2000)
Influence of plant quality on pine sawfly population dynamics

Population Ecology (2000) 42, 91-96
C. Björkman, B. Bengtsson and H. Häggström (2000)
Localized outbreak of a willow leaf beetle: plant vigor or natural enemies?