Biological Invasions (2020) 22, 47-51

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Jamie K. Reaser, Mark Frey and N. Marshall Meyers (2020)
Invasive species watch lists: guidance for development, communication, and application
Biological Invasions 22 (1), 47-51
Abstract: A watch list is a list of invasive species to be prioritized for surveillance, reporting, and other possible responses in order to reduce the risk of impact to valued assets. Watch lists are basic, yet multi-functional tools for the early detection of and rapid response to invasive species. There is, however, a need to substantially improve watch list standardization, accessibility, and associated communication strategies. We provide guidance to achieve these aims, including an overview of guiding principles and a list of questions to consider when one develops, communicates, and applies invasive species watch lists. Our guidance is intended to support invasive species watch lists development and application globally.
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