Australasian Plant Pathology (2012) 41, 295-300

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David Gramaje, Matthew R. Ayres, Florent P. Trouillas and Mark R. Sosnowski (2012)
Efficacy of fungicides on mycelial growth of diatrypaceous fungi associated with grapevine trunk disease
Australasian Plant Pathology 41 (3), 295-300
Abstract: Several species of Diatrypaceae have been recently isolated from the wood of cankered grapevines in several regions of the world and shown to be pathogenic with varying degrees of virulence when inoculated in stems of potted vines. Existing management strategies have focussed on the development of procedures and products to prevent or reduce Eutypa lata infection. The best method to prevent infection is by applying fungicides to wounds, but there are few registered chemicals for any of the diatrypaceous fungi in Australia. Six selected fungicides were evaluated in vitro for their efficacy in reducing mycelial growth of Eutypa lata, Cryptovalsa ampelina, Diatrypella vulgaris, Eutypa leptoplaca, Eutypella citricola and Eutypella microtheca. Carbendazim, fluazinam, tebuconazole, and prothioconazole + tebuconazole were effective at inhibiting mycelial growth of all Diatrypaceae spp. tested. Pyraclostrobin reduced colony diameter of most of the fungal species by 50% or more. Pyrimethanil was ineffective at reducing mycelial growth of these pathogens. Five of the six fungicides evaluated in this study have shown efficacy in vitro against Diatrypaceae spp. and require further evaluation in the field. This study represents the first approach for fungicide evaluation against mycelial growth of diatrypaceous fungi, other than Ea. lata. It contributes to the development of integrated management strategies for grapevine trunk diseases.
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Eutypa lata Grapevine (Vitis)
Cryptovalsa ampelina Grapevine (Vitis)
Eutypa leptoplaca Grapevine (Vitis)