Archives of Virology (2020) 165, 451-458

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H.J. Maree, A.G. Blouin, A. Diaz-Lara, I. Mostert, M. Al Rwahnih and T. Candresse (2020)
Status of the current vitivirus taxonomy
Archives of Virology 165 (2), 451-458
Abstract: Since the establishment of the genus Vitivirus, several additional viruses have been sequenced and proposed to represent new species of this genus. Currently, the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses recognizes 15 vitivirus species. The report of new vitiviruses that fail to completely adhere to the species demarcation criteria, the incorporation of non-vitivirus grapevine viruses in the unofficial "naming system", and the existence of non-grapevine vitiviruses lead to inconsistencies in classification. In this report, we give a brief overview of vitiviruses and use currently available information to clarify the present status of the vitivirus taxonomy.
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