Archives of Virology (2009) 154, 315-320

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Wan-Ying Hou, Teruo Sano, Feng Li, Zu-Jian Wu, Li Li and Shi-Fang Li (2009)
Identification and characterization of a new coleviroid (CbVd-5)
Archives of Virology 154 (2), 315-320
Abstract: A viroid-like RNA was detected from coleus (Coleus blumei) in China. It consisted of 274 nucleotides and had 66% sequence identity with a member of the closest known viroid species. The predicted secondary structure is rod-shaped with extensive base pairing, and it has the conserved region characteristic of the genus Coleviroid. Two terminal sequences that are highly conserved among some members of the genus were also identified. The viroid-like RNA was successfully transmitted to coleus by slash-inoculation. This viroid was identified as a new member of the genus Coleviroid, and we tentatively propose the name Coleus blumei viroid 5 (CbVd-5).
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