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Anthrenus verbasci (click on image to enlarge it)
Author: Udo Schmidt
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Anthrenus Geoffroy, 1762

This genus of dermestid beetles is widely distributed and contains more than 200 species. They are household and museum pests, and infest mainly dried animal products, that is materials like woollen carpets, fur, woollen textiles, or museum specimens. The damage is done by the larvae, while the adult beetles feed on pollen. For management options see Querner (2015). In nature, they typically live in nests of birds and mammals. Together with species of the genus Attagenus, Anthrenus species are often called carpet beetles.

Anthrenus adults are typically 2-3 mm long, broad, and covered with colourful scales. The basic colour is black and the scales are mostly white, yellowish, orange-brown, reddish or black. Older beetles tend to loose the scales. The larvae are hairy.

Type species: Anthrenus scrophulariae

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: