Annals of Applied Biology (2015) 166, 208-217

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C. Stieha and K. Poveda (2015)
Tolerance responses to herbivory: implications for future management strategies in potato
Annals of Applied Biology 166 (2), 208-217
Abstract: Tolerance is a plant response to herbivory that allows plants to sustain defoliation without any fitness consequences. In agriculture, the maximum amount of defoliation that crops can experience without yield loss is defined as the damage threshold. Damage thresholds can be used to develop tolerance-based management strategies, which would offer guidelines for farmers for when pest control should be enacted to minimise pesticide use while maintaining yield. Damage thresholds for many varieties of potatoes, Solanum tuberosum, have been documented, but not consolidated into a general framework. We aggregated data from published studies and quantified the effects of variety, maturity group, life stage and defoliation mechanisms on damage thresholds to inform a tolerance-based management strategy for potato. Late maturing varieties did not have different damage thresholds than early maturing varieties. Damage thresholds were greater than 60% defoliation at emergence and post-bloom and less than 40% defoliation pre-bloom and during bloom. If the stems were damaged, emergence and post-bloom damage thresholds were reduced from 60% defoliation without stem damage to 35% and 52% defoliation with stem damage. Likewise, the damage thresholds during bloom were reduced to 20% defoliation when stems were damaged. We propose using action thresholds based on defoliation as a baseline to develop a tolerance-based management strategy for potatoes.
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