Annals of Applied Biology (2012) 161, 91-115

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D. Benheim, S. Rochfort, E. Robertson, I.D. Potter and K.S. Powell (2012)
Grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae) - a review of potential detection and alternative management options
Annals of Applied Biology 161 (2), 91-115
Abstract: The management options for grape phylloxera, Daktulosphaira vitifoliae, a monophagous insect pest of Vitis species are reviewed. Although in a worldwide context, grape phylloxera is managed predominantly by the use of resistant rootstocks developed through conventional breeding of hybrid crosses of American Vitis species, this management aspect is largely excluded from the review so that emerging technologies in the field of detection, quarantine and alternative management are discussed. In some viticulture regions of the world, where grape phylloxera's geographic distribution is limited (e.g. Australia), the pest is managed through a combination of surveillance, detection and quarantine. Although some alternative management options for grape phylloxera exist they have received relatively limited research attention because of the relative success of resistant rootstocks. The resilience of resistant rootstocks as the primary management option could also be challenged in the future by host-plant interactions with diverse grape phylloxera clonal lineages and by potential impacts of climate change on both grapevine and grape phylloxera distribution. A range of control options exist which could be integrated into an improved management system for grape phylloxera. Priority areas for future evaluation and further development include early detection techniques, investigation into the use of biological control agents and development of an integrated approach to grapevine phylloxera management.
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