Annals of Applied Biology (2012) 160, 35-42

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H.V.V. Tomé, E.M.G. Cordeiro, J.F. Rosado and R.N.C. Guedes (2012)
Egg exposure to pyriproxyfen in the tomato leaf miner Tuta absoluta: ovicidal activity or behavioural-modulated hatching mortality?
Annals of Applied Biology 160 (1), 35-42
Abstract: Insecticide susceptibility varies with the insect life stage and although the egg stage is sometimes perceived as the most vulnerable, it is a difficult target for insecticide application and little studied as such. Egg susceptibility to insecticides is generally considered important for insect growth regulators and insect pests of reduced mobility like leaf miners because of their placement on the host plant part targeted by the insecticidal application. The egg exposure to the juvenile hormone mimic pyriproxyfen was studied here in the tomato leaf miner Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), a key tomato insect pest, aiming to assess if mortality is achieved due to insecticide ovicidal activity or due to behavioural impairment of the larvae preventing egg hatching. Survival analysis of treated tomato leaves and/or eggs indicated the importance of egg exposure to pyriproxyfen leading to a significant decrease in survival with a nearly 50% reduction in survival time, which peaked at the first instar. Ovicidal activity of pyriproxyfen in the tomato leaf miner was negligible, but image recording and behaviour analysis indicated behavioural impairment of larval activity compromising hatching and leaf mining by early instar larvae leading to high mortality at this stage (ca 50%). The likely causes and management implications of such findings are discussed.
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