Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2002) 4, 293-300

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David R. Coyle, Joel D. McMillin, Richard B. Hall and Elwood R. Hart (2002)
Cottonwood leaf beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) defoliation impact on Populus growth and above-ground volume in a short-rotation woody crop plantation
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 4 (4), 293-300
Abstract: 1. The impact of cottonwood leaf beetle Chrysomela scripta F. defoliation on four plantation-grown Populus clones was examined over three growing seasons. We used a split-plot design with two treatments: protected (by insecticides) and an unprotected control. Tree height and diameter at 1 m were measured annually and above-ground volume was calculated.
2. Protected trees of most clones had grown over 2 m taller after three growing seasons. Diameter differences ranged from over 1-4 cm larger on protected trees. Insecticide protection increased above-ground volume over 20 dm3 in one clone, and at least 4 dm3 in all others. Chrysomela scripta defoliation resulted in a 50-73% loss of above-ground volume. Defoliation also resulted in increased lateral branching and forked terminals on unprotected trees.
3. Defoliation impact varied among clone. The pure Populus deltoides clone 91 x 04-03 showed the greatest growth response to chemical protection, whereas clone NM2 (P. nigra X P. maximowiczii) responded the least.
4. Pest control is a key issue in short-rotation plantation management. Until adequate pest-resistant clones can be developed and natural enemy complexes better understood, chemical (biorational and organic) and cultural control may be used to reduce impacts of herbivorous pests.
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