Acarina (2002) 10, 95-136

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O.V. Voltzit and J.E. Keirans (2002)
A review of Asian Amblyomma species (Acari, Ixodida, Ixodidae)
Acarina 10 (2), 95-136
Abstract: This review includes descriptions of all known Asian Amblyomma species, keys to males and females, data on synonymy, distribution, and host-parasite associations.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
Database assignments for author(s): Olga V. Voltzit

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Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.

Amblyomma javanense China (south)
Amblyomma javanense Indonesia
Amblyomma javanense Malaysia
Amblyomma javanense Myanmar
Amblyomma javanense Philippines
Amblyomma javanense Singapore
Amblyomma javanense Sri Lanka
Amblyomma javanense Thailand
Amblyomma javanense Vietnam
Amblyomma javanense India
Amblyomma javanense Pakistan
Amblyomma testudinarium China (south)
Amblyomma testudinarium Indonesia
Amblyomma testudinarium Japan
Amblyomma testudinarium Laos
Amblyomma testudinarium Malaysia
Amblyomma testudinarium Myanmar
Amblyomma testudinarium Philippines
Amblyomma testudinarium Sri Lanka
Amblyomma testudinarium Taiwan
Amblyomma testudinarium Thailand
Amblyomma testudinarium Vietnam
Amblyomma testudinarium India
Amblyomma integrum Sri Lanka
Amblyomma integrum India
Amblyomma breviscutatum Indonesia
Amblyomma breviscutatum Papua New Guinea
Amblyomma breviscutatum Philippines
Amblyomma breviscutatum Taiwan
Amblyomma breviscutatum Thailand
Amblyomma breviscutatum Fiji Islands
Amblyomma breviscutatum Guam
Amblyomma breviscutatum Solomon Islands
Amblyomma breviscutatum Vanuatu
Amblyomma breviscutatum Australia (NT+QLD)