Weed Technology (2017) 31, 582-589

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Jeffrey L. Atkinson, Lambert B. McCarty, Brian A. Powell, Scott McElroy, Fred Yelverton and Alan G. Estes (2017)
Postemergence control and glyphosate tolerance of doveweed (Murdannia nudiflora)
Weed Technology 31 (4), 582-589
Abstract: Doveweed is a problematic weed of lawns and sod production, as well as golf course roughs, fairways, and tees. End-user reports of selective POST control options are inconsistent and control is often short-lived. In addition, inconsistent control with non-selective herbicides such as glyphosate is common. The goals of this research were: (1) evaluate selective POST doveweed control options in 'Tifway' hybrid bermudagrass turf; (2) compare efficacy of single vs. sequential applications of selective POST herbicides; (3) quantify doveweed tolerance to glyphosate; and (4) quantify recovery of foliar applied glyphosate following treatment with a C14-glyphosate solution. A single application of sulfentrazone + metsulfuron; thiencarbazone + iodosulfuron + dicamba or 2,4-D + MCPP + dicamba + carfentrazone; or thiencarbazone + foramsulfuron + halosulfuron provided >60% control 2 weeks after initial treatment (WAIT). A second application of these treatments 3 WAIT improved control 6 WAIT. Two applications of 2,4-D + MCPP + dicamba + carfentrazone or thiencarbazone + foramsulfuron + halosulfuron provided ~80% control 6 WAIT. Doveweed was tolerant to glyphosate application up to 5.68 kg ae ha-1. Absorption of 14C-glyphosate was compared between doveweed with cuticle intact, doveweed with a disturbed cuticle, and smooth crabgrass. 14C-glyphosate recovery from the leaf surface of doveweed plants with an intact cuticle was 93.6%. In comparison, 14C-glyphosate recovery from the leaf surface of doveweed plants with a disrupted cuticle and the leaf surface of crabgrass plants was 79.1 and 70.5%, respectively.
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