Weed Technology (2011) 25, 77-83

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Travis W. Gannon and Fred H. Yelverton (2011)
Application placement equipment for bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum) suppression along roadsides
Weed Technology 25 (1), 77-83
Abstract: Experiments were initiated during 2003 and 2004 to evaluate application placement equipment for plant growth regulator (PGR) applications along bahiagrass roadsides. Recently designed equipment combine low-volume application and pesticide placement technology. Application placement equipment conceal the image of a traditional spray application. Evaluated application placement equipment included a wet-blade mower (Burch Wet Blade) and rotary-wick applicator (Weedbug™) compared with a traditional broadcast spray. Wet-blade mowers are designed to mow and simultaneously apply a pesticide solution to a cut stem or leaf in a single pass, whereas rotary-wick applicators are designed to wick a solution onto foliage. Evaluated PGRs included imazapic (9, 35, or 53 g ha−1) and sulfometuron-methyl (26 g ha−1). Bahiagrass injury varied with application placement equipment and was greater with rotary-wick applications in 2003, compared with foliar broadcast applications and the wet-blade mower. Bahiagrass seedhead suppression ranged from 31 to 60% with application placement equipment in July 2003 compared with 93% for a broadcast spray. In 2004, rotary wick- or broadcast-applied PGRs provided excellent (> 90%) seedhead suppression. Although application placement equipment may have advantages to broadcast-spray applications, evaluated equipment did not enhance bahiagrass suppression along roadsides in North Carolina compared with a foliar broadcast spray. Additional research is needed to determine if this type of application may provide consistent results with other species and compounds.
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