Weed Technology (2004) 18, 145-151

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J. Scott McElroy, Fred H. Yelverton, Travis W. Gannon and John W. Wilcut (2004)
Foliar vs. soil exposure of green kyllinga (Kyllinga brevifolia) and false-green kyllinga (Kyllinga gracillima) to postemergence treatments of CGA-362622, halosulfuron, imazaquin, and MSMA
Weed Technology 18 (1), 145-151
Abstract: Greenhouse studies were conducted to evaluate shoot number, shoot weight, rhizome weight, and root weight reduction of green and false-green kyllinga at three placement levels (soil applied, foliar applied, and soil + foliar applied) and five herbicide treatments (CGA-362622, halosulfuron, imazaquin, MSMA, and imazaquin + MSMA). Averaged over herbicide and placement level, false-green kyllinga shoot number 30 d after treatment (DAT) and rhizome weight 60 DAT were reduced more than those of green kyllinga. Furthermore, imazaquin, MSMA, and imazaquin + MSMA, averaged across placement levels, as well as CGA-362622 and halosulfuron, both foliar and soil applied, reduced false-green kyllinga shoot number greater than that of green kyllinga 60 DAT. Halosulfuron reduced false-green kyllinga shoot weight greater than that of green kyllinga 60 DAT; however, MSMA reduced green kyllinga greater. In general, foliar- and soil + foliar-applied treatments reduced shoot number (30 DAT), rhizome weight, and root weight of both kyllinga species greater than soil-applied treatments, whereas soil + foliar-applied treatments were more effective in reducing shoot weight 60 DAT. CGA-362622 and halosulfuron reduced kyllinga species shoot number (30 DAT), false-green kyllinga shoot weight (60 DAT), and root weight of both species greater than all other herbicides. However, CGA-362622 reduced green kyllinga shoot weight (60 DAT) and rhizome weight of both species greater than all other herbicides.
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Kyllinga brevifolia (weed)
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