Weed Science (2008) 56, 785-788

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G. Henry, J. Burton, R. Richardson and F. Yelverton (2008)
Absorption and translocation of foramsulfuron in dallisgrass (Paspalum dilatatum) following preapplication of MSMA
Weed Science 56 (6), 785-788
Abstract: Several field studies have observed increased foramsulfuron efficacy for the control of dallisgrass when foramsulfuron is applied after MSMA. Therefore, laboratory studies were conducted with mature dallisgrass to study the absorption and translocation of 14C-foramsulfuron, and then examine the impact of preliminary applications (preapplications) of MSMA or foramsulfuron on herbicide absorption and movement. Herbicide absorption increased rapidly through 4 h, and by 8 h, differences in absorption between pretreated and control plants were evident. After 48 h, foramsulfuron absorption in non-pretreated plants was 55%, whereas plants that received either pretreatment absorbed 70% of the herbicide. Translocation above (younger tissue) and below (older tissue) the treated leaf was 0.65 and 0.62% for non-pretreated plants, respectively. Pretreatment with foramsulfuron resulted in the translocation of 2.12 and 1.55% of applied radioactivity above and below the treated leaf, respectively. Pretreatment with MSMA resulted in the translocation of 2.33 and 2.34% of applied radioactivity above and below the treated leaf, respectively. These data indicated that pretreatment of mature dallisgrass with either foramsulfuron or MSMA results in an increase in both uptake and translocation of foramsulfuron applied 2 wk after pretreatment. The increase in absorption and translocation of foramsulfuron in the pre-MSMA-treated plants may explain the increase in control observed in the field when comparing it to the pre-foramsulfuron-treated dallisgrass plants.
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