Weed Research (2006) 46, 290-295

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C.H. Kong, P. Wang, C.X. Zhang, M.X. Zhang and F. Hu (2006)
Herbicidal potential of allelochemicals from Lantana camara against Eichhornia crassipes and the alga Microcystis aeruginosa
Weed Research 46 (4), 290-295
Abstract: In the field, the growth of the aquatic weed Eichhornia crassipes and the alga Microcystis aeruginosa may be inhibited by fallen leaves of Lantana camara. This study showed that extracts of L. camara leaves and their fractions reduced the biomass of E. crassipes and M. aeruginosa within 7 days under laboratory conditions. Two fractions with highly inhibitory activity from the extract were isolated and subsequently identified as the pentacyclic triterpenoids, lantadene A and lantadene B. Both compounds significantly inhibited E. crassipes and M. aeruginosa growth, even at a low concentration. At all concentrations tested, their inhibitory activities were much higher than that of salicylic acid, a putative allelochemical from L. camara. The results indicated that the predominant allelochemicals involved in L. camara against either E. crassipes or M. aeruginosa are not phenolic acids, but lantadene A and lantadene B. Field trials showed that released levels of lantadene A and lantadene B were significantly correlated with amounts and decomposition periods of L. camara leaves floated in water. The amount released from 5 kg L. camara leaves was over the inhibition threshold of both E. crassipes and M. aeruginosa and reached a maximum at days 15-20. This study suggested that allelochemicals of L. camara could potentially be used to improve the management of weeds and algae in aquatic systems.
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