Weed Biology and Management (2008) 8, 260-266

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Toshiyuki Imaizumi, Guang-Xi Wang and Tohru Tominaga (2008)
Pollination of chasmogamous flowers and the effects of light and emergence time on chasmogamy and cleistogamy in Monochoria vaginalis
Weed Biology and Management 8 (4), 260-266
Abstract: Monochoria vaginalis is one of the most serious weeds of rice fields in Asia. The species has both chasmogamous (CH) and cleistogamous (CL) flowers on individual plants. The objective of this study is to clarify the reproductive characteristics that affect the selfing rate of M. vaginalis. An emasculation experiment revealed that the CH flowers emasculated just after flower opening produced seeds. The seed production in the flowers emasculated just after flower opening was less than that of the flowers emasculated and hand-pollinated with pollen from another plant. These results indicate that, although self-pollination before anthesis occurs, cross-pollination also can produce seeds. An experimental manipulation of light and the emergence time of the plants revealed that more than half of the flowers produced were CL flowers and the CH/CL ratio decreased with reduced light availability. The plants that emerged later produced as many CH flowers as those that emerged earlier. There was no significant difference between the CH and CL flowers in the seed number per fruit and the seed mass. These results suggest that M. vaginalis has reproductive characteristics that make the selfing rate high; however, outcrossing also can occur. Under favorable light intensity conditions, such as on the edges of paddy fields or in fallow fields, M. vaginalis will produce more CH flowers and will have a higher outcrossing rate than in shaded conditions.
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Monochoria vaginalis (weed) Rice (Oryza)