Viruses (2020) 12 (3 - 357)

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Lihang Zhang, Xiaoguang Chen, Pallab Bhattacharjee, Yue Shi, Lihua Guo and Shuangchao Wang (2020)
Molecular characterization of a novel strain of Fusarium graminearum virus 1 infecting Fusarium graminearum
Viruses 12 (3 - 357)
Abstract: Fungal viruses (mycoviruses) have attracted more attention for their possible hypovirulence (attenuation of fungal virulence) trait, which may be developed as a biocontrol agent of plant pathogenic fungi. However, most discovered mycoviruses are asymptomatic in their hosts. In most cases, mycovirus hypovirulent factors have not been explored clearly. In this study, we characterized a ssRNA mycovirus in Fusarium graminearum strain HB56-9. The complete nucleotide genome was obtained by combining random sequencing and rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE). The full genome was 6621-nucleotides long, excluding the poly(A) tail. The mycovirus was quite interesting because it shared 95.91% nucleotide identities with previously reported Fusarium graminearum virus 1 strain DK21 (FgV1-DK21), while the colony morphology of their fungal hosts on PDA plates were very different. The novel virus was named Fusarium graminearum virus 1 Chinese isolate (FgV1-ch). Like FgV1-DK21, FgV1-ch also contains four putative open reading frames (ORFs), including one long and three short ORFs. A phylogenetic analysis indicated that FgV1-ch is clustered into a proposed family Fusariviridae. FgV1-ch, unlike FgV1-DK21, had mild or no effects on host mycelial growth, spore production and virulence. The nucleotide differences between FgV1-ch and FgV1-DK21 will help to elucidate the hypovirulence determinants during mycovirus–host interaction.
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biocontrol - natural enemies
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molecular biology - genes

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Fusarium graminearum Wheat (Triticum) China (NE)
Fusarium mycoviruses (antagonists) Fusarium graminearum Wheat (Triticum) China (NE)